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Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall Toro ~ May 21, 2012

I have smoked a few of the Hammer & Sickle cigars, but this is the first smoke of the Berlin Wall for me.

The first thing I noticed before getting one out of the humidor is that this cigar has a great presentation with the marble box and the copper metal band.

Smoking the stick, it starts with a mild-medium strength and smooth medium flavor. It has classic flavor similar to Partagas and Punch with a little flavor twist of nuttiness and buttery notes.

About halfway through the cigar, the strength builds to a smooth medium.

Throughout the smoke, the draw is very easy with a great consistent burn and a smoking time of 50-60 minutes.

This cigar is in a manageable $10 price range, but has the quality of cigars twice the price. Anyone wanting a classic Cuban may enjoy this cigar without the expense of traveling to Havana.

Drew approved - 89/100