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Drew Estate Acid Extra Ordinary Larry ~ May 28, 2012

This week I decided to smoke the Drew Estate Acid Extra Ordinary Larry, and the Larry is definitely anything but ordinary. The entire Acid cigar line is something very different from other traditional style cigars.

The Extra Ordinary Larry is one of the largest Acid cigars and will take about 60-80 minutes to smoke. The initial flavor has a unique aroma and taste with notes of traditional maduro flavor mixed with floral, sweet tones.

'The Larry' remains consistent all the way through at medium strength and plenty of smoke.

I recommend this cigar for hot, humid summer days or an evening walk by the river. Also, it works great as bug repellant on those muggy nights.

Anyone who likes other infused cigars, especially Acids, might enjoy this one. For those of you out there whom have not tried an infused or flavored cigar, give this one a smoke and see what you think.

Drew approved - 91/100