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Illusione 2 ~ June 19, 2012

The Illusione MJ12 is my absolute favorite cigar, but this week letŐs take a look at its little brother the Illusione 2.

The band is very simple and straight to the point just the way it should be. At a price of $13.50 there is no nonsense here, these cigars are serious.

The cigar starts out with a easy draw and a smooth, yet subtly spicy flavor. A medium-full strength. Complex flavor. Spice picks up about halfway through, but still creamy flavor.

The finish is filled with a balanced spicy flavor and is great to the last puff. This cigar is a less spicy and full than the MJ12, but it stands on its own as a great cigar. With a 45-60 min smoke time, this is a perfect after dinner cigar.

Recommended for fans of Tatuaje and Casa Fernandez cigars. The Illusione brand joins other new school cigar companies that are changing the cigar industry. These aren't your grandpa's cigars!

Drew approved - 94/100