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Four Kicks Corona Gorda ~ July 10, 2012

The mastermind behind the Four Kicks is none other than Jon Huber, formerly of CAO cigars. Jon is a maverick in the cigar industry helping create a new generation of cigar makers with his new company Crowned Heads. The guys at Crowned Heads are taking the boutique cigar market to the next level with the Four Kicks line.

The corona gorda starts out with a creamy, leathery flavor and a smooth medium strength. The habano wrapper gives a rich taste and the Nicaraguan filler adds some subtle spice, especially the last few inches of the cigar. The finish builds to medium-full strength.

This cigar is top quality with tons of flavor and an easy draw at a reasonable price of $9. The burn time for the corona gorda is about 50-60 mins.

Recommended for fans of E.P. Carrillo and Torano cigars.

Drew approved - 95/100