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My Uzi Weighs A Ton ~ August 13, 2012

Subculture Studios (Drew Estate Cigars) and Joya De Nicaragua have brought the heavy guns with 'My Uzi Weighs A Ton' (MUWAT).

It is said that Mr. Drew from Drew Estate was carrying a bag of cigars and after awhile it was getting heavy. He commented, "Man, my Uzi weighs a ton," and the name of the cigar was born, an extraordinary name for an extraordinary cigar.

This stick comes in four sizes 7x60, 6x60, 5x60 and the 4x40 Bait Fish. Let's give the 5x60 a smoke.

The wrapper is rich and dark giving the illusion it is heavy, but the cigar starts with a smooth, medium strength. Notes of cedar and earthy flavor dominate the MUWAT and give it a unique taste. This stick produces plenty of smoke and little resistance on the draw.

Throughout the stick, the flavor and strength stay consistently medium with tons of great flavor. The last inch starts to pick up some spice on the palate finishing with a bang at about 50 mins of smoke time. The medium body and $11 price tag of this cigar may appeal to a wider range of smokers, especially those still new to cigars.

The best time to smoke this cigar is simple - anytime. Fans of LFD Ligero Oscuro and Rocky Patel Edge cigars should definitely light one up. Lock n' load ladies and gentlemen, you won't need a permit to carry this Uzi.

Drew approved - 94/100