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7-20-4 Lancero ~ August 20, 2012

This cigar is brought to you by K.A. Kendall out of New Hampshire. For the past few years, the 7-20-4 has been under the radar, but this cigar is certainly something special. Anyone who likes a range of classic smaller ring to hefty ring gauge, we have 5 sizes in the 7-20-4 line which include the Dog Walker (a small corona), Gran Toro, Lancero, Robusto, and the big ring gauge Gagger.

This stick starts with a pleasant medium strength woody flavor and an excellent draw. Throughout the cigar, the flavor builds adding a very tasty nuttiness and woody combination unlike anything else. The finish on this smoke is silky smooth with tons of nutty flavor and a medium strength.

I have to say this has to be one of the best lanceros I have ever smoked, and it is sure to not disappoint, especially with a smoke time of 65-75 minutes and $11 price tag.

The best time to smoke this stick is anytime. Need a quick break, go for the Dog Walker. A relaxing after dinner cigar, try the Gran Toro or the Gagger. I recommend the 7-20-4 for fans of My Uzi Weighs a Ton and Illusione cigars or anyone looking for an excellent medium strength cigar.

Drew approved - 95/100