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CLE Cuarenta ~ September 4, 2012

Christian Eiroa, formerly of Camacho Cigars, has done it again with the new CLE cigars.

The information on the CLE line has been kept quiet so not much is known about these cigars, but you can expect greatness from Eiroa.

With the initial release, the CLE line is available in the 2012 Corojo and the 2012 Cuarenta. The sizes include robusto, corona gorda, 6x60, and the 11/18 figurado. LetŐs give the Cuarenta 11/18 a smoke.

The stick starts out with a pepper bomb exploding in your face. The strength is a light medium, and notes of creaminess and pepper dominate the flavor through out the cigar. The burn time on the 11/18 is 60-70 minutes.

Overall, this is a great cigar with an awesome price tag in the $8 range.

This smoke is great for anytime throughout the day. Anyone who enjoys Camacho cigars will enjoy the CLE line. Smoke one today!

Drew approved - 92/100