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Surrogates Bone Crusher ~ October 2, 2012

L'Atelier Imports, the new company from the masterminds at Tatuaje cigars, brings you the best limited edition quality cigars without the hefty price tag in the Surrogates cigar line.

The line includes the Bone Crusher, the Skull Breaker, the Tramp Stamp, and the Crystal Baller. Originally released exclusively for New Havana Cigars in Columbus, Ohio, the Surrogates line is too good to keep hidden away.

Let's give the Bone Crusher a smoke.

The Bone Crusher is a 5-1/4 x 54 robusto size and a $10 price tag. As soon as you light this cigar, you know it is something special. The first half has a balance of spice and rich earthy flavor with medium-full strength. The second half of the stick mellows to a solid medium strength as the earthy flavor builds. The finish is very tasty with tons of flavor and subtle notes of spice.

The burn time on this smoke is around 65-75 minutes.

The Bone Crusher is hands down one of the best new cigars of the year.

If you enjoy Tatuaje or Liga Privada cigars, the Bone Crusher is for you. Just make sure to brace yourself so you don't get crushed.

Drew approved - 95/100