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E.P. Carrillo Inch Maduro ~ October 9, 2012

With favorites like the La Gloria Cubana Serie R, the Carrillo Short Run, Carrillo New Wave Connecticut, and the Carrillo Dark Ritual, E.P. Carrillo continues to bring some of the best cigars on the planet.

The latest masterpiece from Carrillo is the Inch series, available in both Natural and Maduro with three very large sizes at 6-1/8" x 64, 5-7/8" x 60, and 5"x 62. Let's give the No.60 (5-7/8 x 60) Maduro a smoke.

The light up is full of rich flavor and a medium full strength. The draw is perfect with just the right amount of resistance. Throughout the smoke, a balance of spice and earthy rich flavor build to the end. The cigar finishes strong with amazing flavor and is possibly one of the best cigars ever made.

The smoke time is around 70 mins, and at $11.50, this cigar is worth every cent.

For fans of Joya de Nicaragua Antano or La Flor Domincana Ligero cigars, the Inch will not disappoint. Just take life one inch at a time!

Drew approved - 96/100