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L'Atelier El Suelo Terreno ~ October 16, 2012

The El Suelo cigars are part of the L'Atelier cigar line from the creators of Tatuaje.

The El Suelo is available in three sizes: the Terreno (5-1/4 x 56), the Prado (5-3/4 x 58), and the Campo (6-1/4 x 60).

Considered a bundle cigar, the El Suelo is low priced at $5-$6. El Suelo means "the soil" in Spanish, which definitely describes the flavor of this stick. Let's take a look at the Terreno size.

The light up has a mellow earthy flavor and a medium strength. As the smoke continues, the rich earthy flavor explodes with roasted almond notes. The finish is long and slow with tons of flavor and medium strength, and the smoke time is around an hour.

The El Suelo is one the best inexpensive cigars on the market. Highly recommended for fans of Rocky Patel and Gran Habano cigars, the El Suelo will blow your mind without blowing your wallet. Smoke 'em!

Drew approved - 91/100