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Gurkha Ghost ~ October 30, 2012

The Ghost is the latest release from Gurkha Cigars. Anyone who has smoked a Gurkha knows the packaging is full of flair and flash, and the Ghost with its laser-etched holographic foil is no different.

Price ranges from $8.50 to $11.50. The sizes available are the Shadow (5x52), Asura (6x54), Angel (6x52), and Exorcist (6x60).

Let's give the Ghost a smoke.

The cigar starts with a rich, sweet earthy flavor and a medium strength. The Brazilian Maduro wrapper holds this stick together quite well for an even burn. One of the best Gurkha cigars made to date, the flavor and strength stay consistent throughout the smoke. The finish is rich and smooth with notes of earthy flavor filling the palate. Smoke time is around 80-90 mins.

Recommended for fans the Gurkha Seduction or San Lotano Maduro. Grab this ghost before it disappears!

Drew approved - 92/100